Party Explosion Pop Up Birthday Card

  • HANDMADE INTRICATE DESIGN - This lovely cute Popup Card features an exciting unique 3D design, featuring a Party explosion with Cakes and Gifts. A memorable gift that can be kept as a Keepsake.
  • SURPRISE YOUR LOVED ONE - The card is flat when folded, the recipient will be surprised as they open the card and the stunning sculpture pops up, creating a special heartwarming moment.
  • FUN COVER AND ELEGANT ENVELOPE - The cover is Vibrant and Colorful and features a delicate laser-cut and printed design, that hints what’s inside of the card. The envelope is Classic & luxurious and is seal-able for easy mailing.
  • PERSONALIZE EASILY - The Card has some blank space to write your warm wishes, messages, and notes.
  • GREATEST GIFT ALTERNATIVE - The Paper Love Party Explosion Card is the greatest gift you can give to a loved one or a friend on their special day, it is much more than just a card, the recipient will definitely remember the experience forever.

Collections: Birthday

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